Mission Statement

Creative Horizon’s vision is to have a loving, nurturing and educated staff who partner with parents to help children develop the life skills and education needed in order to have a positive role in the community.


Early Preschool Teachers


Bear Room Teachers:




          Amber has been working at Creative Horizons for 7 years but she has worked in childcare for 9 1/2 years. She is very passionate about the children in the Bear Room because 3 & 4 year old's to her, have the most honest conversations and are a wonderful group of children. Amber is yet to have children of her own but hopes to someday. She has completed the 60 hour Preschool Training along with many other hours of training. Amber's goal is to go back to College for Early Childhood Education in the next year or so.




          Braumlee is a young mother of two girls ages 4 & 5. She has worked at Creative Horizons since February 2014 and has recently qualified to be a primary with 2 years experience in a licensed facility. Braumlee was raised in a family of 9 children and grew up in her mother's home daycare; making children a normality in her life. She loves to be creative, read, sing, dance, and act goofy. Braumlee plans to continue her education of children and would like to be a school age Teacher.